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I just bought my As I Lay Dying tickets for March.
More stoked than before.

Only seven times since 2007, not to mention the three times I’ve gotten to meet and speak with them.
I obviously have no idea what I’m talking about or where my words are coming from.  

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TDWP kicked James out because they’re jealous.

He has the most fun, he has the most passion, he has the best stage presence, and he’s the cutest.
Can’t fool me. 

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James Baney leaving The Devil Wears Prada:

THIS is the shit that they don’t teach you how to deal with. 

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Day is ruined, life is ruined.
I am crying; I can’t even believe this.
Nothing matters anymore.
All I can say is that James is irreplaceable and it’d be a shame to bring anyone else into this band.
I know TDWP will continue to be as successful as always, but this changes everything and I am just heartbroken.

I can’t stand For Today.
I’ve seen them twice and I both times I couldn’t wait for their set to end.
Musically, I think they’re brilliant and they put on an incredible live show.
Lyrically, I can’t stand them one bit.
And what makes me nearly hate them is this speech Mattie gives every show.
I’ve absolutely nothing against religion and if people are that religious and firm in their beliefs as the guys in For Today are,
I think that’s great.
Go on with it; good for you.
But those guys don’t write about anything else.
Now I haven’t sat down to listen to every song they’ve written,
but the many songs I have heard here and there are about their religion and their God and like, how many times can you write about the same thing?
We get it!
You’re devoted Christians; fine.
You have nothing else going on in your lives that you can write about?
And what’s worse is their god speech.
When Underoath gives their God speech,
they say if you believe, that’s cool!
If you don’t, that’s cool too!
Same with The Devil Wears Prada;
they talk about how they play music and thank God for the opportunity to be able to do it and if you believe, that’s great; if not, that’s totally fine and they’re just glad you’re into the music.
For Today preaches to you and forces their beliefs on you.
They make me feel like if I don’t believe in what they believe in,
I’m worthless to them and I will not be accepted by them.
They stand up there and talk about how Jesus Christ is the only “higher power” and that he is the reason we’re all alive and if we’re not living for him, then we’re living life wrong and for the wrong reasons and that everyone needs to accept Christ into their hearts.
They make me feel like I am an outcast and that my life is meaningless if I don’t believe in Christ and that’s just so unfair.
It’s garbage!
How can you stand there, in 2012, for nine whole minutes at a metalcore show, when there are varying beliefs left and right, all over the world, and tell me that I should believe in the teachings of Christianity because that’s the only right thing to believe in?
Literally, this is the sole factor keeping me from liking For Today at all.
I will never own any of their albums,
I will never go to a show just to see them,
I will never voluntarily decide to listen to their music.
I love how talented they are and I love how passionate they are about their music and their beliefs, but they turn me off and get under my skin in a way that is just beyond my ability to ignore or get over.
If you’re a fan of For Today, if you’re a devoted Christian, if you love every single thing about them and their views, that’s fine and great.
I am in no way criticizing you or your tastes or beliefs but for them to stand there and say their way is the only way is just stupid and wrong.
No matter what I believe in, no matter what religion I choose to follow, my life is not meaningless, I am not worthless and I am valuable in this world; you are no one to judge me based on what I believe or don’t believe because there is so much more to my life and who I am.

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Is TDWP really worth driving all the way to Virginia or Pennsylvania to see them for the eighth time?

I’ll be there any way possible because they are my life.
That’s all there is to it, really.

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